Secrets of Acting

What No One Tells You

Back in 2010, when I moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career, I had no idea where to start.

I spent the first few years doing everything I could to jump into this business. I was in many films and a few pilots. I tried over 4 different acting classes. I spent over $2,500 on headshots alone. I worked every angle in my social media. I even tried going up to 5 workshops a week!

After years of doing this... I learned A LOT.

This book is full of information I wish I was told before spending so much time, money, and energy doing the wrong thing! After learning how the entertainment business works, I became successful and spent 2 years putting everything I know into this book.

That's why I created Secrets of Acting: What No One Tells You, to show you how to do the right thing.

Inside my book, I cover:

  • Social networking
  • What producers want
  • Why actor workshops are controversial
  • How to find work
  • Where to find headshots
  • Tools that actually work!

...and SO much more!

Secrets of Acting (Book Cover)

What Are the Pros Saying?

Maitland Ward Testimonial Image

Maitland Ward Baxter

Actress - Boy Meets World

5/5 stars

I've been a professional actress for 20 years and Breann provides 100% accurate information about acting. Many actors come to LA without a clue as to where to begin. This book is a great "how to" manual for more

The perfect one stop shop! Even for experienced actors who have had success but need help getting to the next level will benefit from reading this book. It reinforces great tips and tricks for a lasting and successful career.

Anouar Smaine Testimonial Image

Anouar Smaine

Director & Producer

5/5 stars

After years of acting classes, workshops, and on-set experience - culminating into her lead role in the film "Red Wing" - Breann, has compiled all of her experiences and insider knowledge into a must read book titled Secrets of Acting. for more

The book is basically a roadmap to achieving results in the acting world and avoiding many pitfalls which not only can delay a career, but also diminish its chances of success dramatically.

Shannon Campbell Testimonial Image

Shannon Campbell


5/5 stars

As a producer, I appreciate actors that are professional and prepared. Breann's experiential tips and no-nonsense approach helps actors see the reality of the entertainment world and prepares them for all situations in the more

Too many actors fall prey to scam artists promising them the world. New actors need Breann's honest direction to avoid these pitfalls. Surprisingly, even some advanced actors need to address some of the issues covered in this book. Secrets of Acting is extremely eye opening and will be valuable to any actor looking to climb the ladder to success!

"The best eBook for new actors!"

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Why Do You Need This Book?

Take a look inside...

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Excerpts from the auditioning chapter

Acting Classes

Excerpts from the classes chapter


Excerpts from the headshots chapter


Excerpts from the resume chapter

"Many actors come to LA without a clue as to where to begin."

Only $12.99 $8.99

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About the Author...

Acting Stuff

Whether she's acting, producing a film, or typing away at a script, Breann loves this industry!

Positive Energy

She's currently taking acting classes, stunt classes (XMA), and even finds time for community service!

Animal Lover

Breann LOVES her dog, Woofie. She's vegan for personal health, the animals, and the environment.

Constantly Smiling

She completed the Upright Citizens Brigade program. She loves laughing and making others laugh too!


Are you ready to learn how to?...

  • Approach acting as a business
  • Find shortcuts to expedite success
  • Locate the best headshots
  • Make a great demo reel
  • Prepare for auditions
  • Format your resume
  • Dominate social media
  • Choose the perfect acting class
  • Find your character type
  • Get auditions and WORK!

(and a TON of other stuff too!)

Only $12.99 $8.99

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